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Hauman - HFP1000

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Detailed Description
主要功能 / Tool Function :
HFP1000 is a high-speed, automatic chip probing system, support highly integration with tester for LED Flip chip (Mini/Micro) wafer testing from 2 to 6 inches. Constructed with camera, touch panel-screen and a three
-dimensional joystick.
HFP1000 is easy for operation. Besides, with great steadiness, HFP1000 is exceeding in accurate probe marks. Above all customer-oriented software provides individual interface to your needs.
HFP1000 support highly integration with HT100A/HTPC-32 for deferent field multi die testing.

應用範圍 / Applications :

LED Flip chip (Mini/Micro) Wafer Manufacturing

產品特色 / Features :
Contact force control system (Hauman Patent)
Dual camera system
Precise driving system
Very low motion vibration
Real time image
Auto alignment
Auto Z function
Load on key die
Both wafer bin mapping
High speed addressing mode
Friendly software
Multi-language version software
Collocation with Hauman tester system (HT100A/HTPC-32)