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Vitronic - Fusion 210

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    Fusion 210
Detailed Description
Modular matrix system: compact and flexible

VITRONIC’s new, modular matrix system uses the “one base fits all” principle. PV manufacturers can capitalize on a single, compact product platform that can be equipped with a variety of camera and lighting systems and integrated flexibly in production lines. The modular matrix system ensures that you always achieve the best results in quality inspection and allows you to configure the system as your requirements change.

A single platform for the entire cell process
- Inspection after coating, printing, and during cell testing/sorting
- Inspection of the front and back sides
- From above and below
- All cell designs and sizes

Smart system: inspection with maximum resolution

The smart system was developed especially for post-print inspection. It detects the slightest changes in the printing process as defects, making it possible to take an immediate corrective action by changing a tool. Together with short feedback loops, the quality of the individual production steps is improved, costs are reduced and efficiency is optimized.

Smart system for flawless cell printing
- High pixel resolution of at least 20 µm
- “On the fly” inspection
- Compact and easy to integrate

Advantages of post print inspection
- Maximized service life through optimization of process parameters such as viscosity, sieve position, print, etc.
- Reduced silver consumption by minimizing the finger width
- Fewer downtimes by preventing printing stops
- Optimized quality distribution by maintaining optimal printing parameters

VISOLAR software: intelligent process optimization

Software solution VISOLAR 3 has numerous smart features and analysis tools that offer high performance and support fast processes. The user interface is user-friendly and intuitive. The integrated neural network is able to derive correlations between data and measured values to make highly accurate predictions. One example of this is predictive maintenance to prevent machine failure, which is an important component of Industry 4.0.

VISOLAR 3 features
- Classification Editor: can be customized according to customer requirements
- Recipe Editor: extremely easy to use, results in real time
- Heat maps: visualization of defect history
- Process monitoring tool: configuration of thresholds and defect visualization